BATTLE BEAST enthüllen Musikvideo zur neuen Single "Where Angels Fear To Fly"

Foto: Terhi Ylimainen

Die finnischen Power-Metal-Held:innen von BATTLE BEAST haben das Musikvideo zu ihrer neuen Single "Where Angels Fear To Fly" enthüllt.

Janne Björkroth kommentierte den Song: 

'Where Angels Fear to Fly' was born of gratitude to those who have had the courage to change the world. With the song we want to show our respect for those who have been cracking unequal structures for generations. It was inspired by our grandparents and other brave pioneers who have worked hard for a more equal society. 'Where Angels Fear to Fly' is dedicated to everyone who has encountered discrimination, unfair obstacles, or prejudices in their lives. It is written as an empowerment song for those who have to struggle to be heard and to gain the appreciation that every single one of us deserves.

Das neue Album der Finnen, "Circus of Doom", erscheint am 21. Januar 2022 via Nuclear Blast.


1. Circus of Doom
2. Wings of Light
3. Master of Illusion
4. Where Angels Fear to Fly
5. Eye of the Storm
6. Russian Roulette
7. Freedom
8. The Road to Avalon
9. Armageddon
10. Place That We Call Home

Battle Beast Circus of Doom


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