DAGOBA mit neuer Single “On The Run”

Machen wieder Krach: DAGOBA Photo Credit: Morgane Khouni

Die Modern Metaller DAGOBA präsentieren mit "On The Run" eine brandneue Single samt Video aus dem am 18. Februar erscheinenden Album "By Night".

Seht euch das gute Stück hier an:

DAGOBA über die neue Single:

I always wanted to release a track which verses only contain a piano and vocals and now it’s done! The main idea was to create a contrast between the calm of the vers and the huge chords leading to the chorus, where the voice is the main line. From the begining of the writing process, I knew that a female vocalist would join me on that track, and that is also brand new for us. On The Run is a daring track, but it will make you want to play it on repeat!