CIRCA SURVIVE haben neue EP "A Dream About Death" veröffentlicht

Foto: Phobymo

Die amerikanischen Alt-Prog-Giganten von CIRCA SURVIVE haben vor Kurzem ihre neue EP "A Dream About Death" veröffentlicht.

Mit dem ersten neuen Material seit dem 2017er-Output "The Amulet" zeigt sich das Quintett avantgardistisch wie selten zuvor. Überzeugen könnte ihr euch hiervon anhand der Singleauskopplung "Electric Moose", welche Sänger Anthony Green wie folgt kommentierte:

I really love this song. It actually came together after we were finished the writing process. The other songs were sent off to mastering already. This one came together very organically and we loved it so much we had to include it. It's really unlike anything we've written before. The lyrics for it started out as a poem about domestic abuse and someone trapped in a relationship but trying holding onto the thought of how it was before things became violent.

"A Dream About Death" wurde am 04. Februar 2022 via Rise Records veröffentlicht.


1. Electric Moose
2. Curritiba
3. Latenap
4. Discount on Psychic Readings
5. Die on the West Coast
6. Buzzhenge

Circa Survive A Dream About Death