THE KILLERS sind mit neuem Video zu "boy" zurück

Mit „boy“, geschrieben von Frontmann Brandon Flowers, besinnen sich THE KILLERS wieder auf die Synthie-getränkten Anfänge ihrer Karriere.

Der Song entstand im Rahmen der Aufnahmen von „Pressure Machine“ (2021), hat es aber wegen ästhetischer Gründe nicht auf das Folk-Album geschafft.

Schaut euch hier das Video zu "boy" an:

Brandon Flowers erklärt:

This was the first song written after we had to cancel the Imploding The Mirage tour due to the pandemic. I had recently moved back to Utah and started to make trips to Nephi, where I grew up. I found that the place I had wanted to get away from so desperately at 16 was now a place that I couldn’t stop returning to. I have a son approaching the age I was at that time in my life. With ‘boy’, I want to reach out and tell myself – and my sons – to not overthink it. And to look for the ‘white arrows’ in their lives. For me now, white arrows are my wife, children, my songs and the stage.