ALL FOR METAL enthüllen Musikvideo zu erster Single "All For Metal"

Foto: Thomas Sprenger

Die "rising metal force" ALL FOR METAL hat ein Musikvideo zur ihrer ersten Single "All For Metal" enthüllt.

Sänger Antonio Calanna kommentierte:

I'm so excited for this debut, it feels like I never sang before and it's for me the first time in front of an audience! These powerful riffs and the great bond between Tetzel and me are gonna make clear for what we came for... We wanna bring this energy and this vocality on stage and show the world what we're capable of! "All For Metal" couldn't be a better song for us: fire, sweat, melody and a quest on the make. These are the ingredients that describe our goal, it's gonna be All for Metal (the band) and Metal for ALL of you!

Tetzel gab zusätzlich zu Protokoll:

All For Metal is stylistically completely different from what I usually do - and that's what makes it so appealing to me. The songs are enormously catchy and it's huge fun to play them. Antonio and I are on the same wavelength. With pride and great joy I say, "Let's conquer the world with Metal, all For Metal and Metal for all.