BLACK LAVA enthüllen neue Single "Northern Dawn"

Foto: Season of Mist

Das Death-Metal-Quartett BLACK LAVA hat seine neue Single "Northern Dawn" enthüllt.

Schlagzeuger Dan kommentierte das Musikvideo zur Single:

After shooting up in the mountains for 2 days for 'Eye of the Moon' video, we drove straight down to our next location the next morning - to take one extreme, the freezing fucking cold, to the other, hot as fuck! We present to you our final single for our debut record 'Soul Furnace' - we hope you enjoy it as much as we enjoyed making it!

"Northern Dawn" ist Teil des kommenden Albums "Soul Furnace", welches am 25. November 2022 via Season of Mist veröffentlicht wird.


1. Origins (02:50)
2. Aurora (03:35)
3. Black Blizzard (03:32)
4. Baptised in Ice (03:27)
5. Eye of the Moon (04:10)
6. Northern Dawn (04:30)
7. Necrocatacomb (03:23)
8. Nightshade (04:06)
9. Soul Furnace (04:31)
Total duration: 34:02

 Black Lava Soul Furnace