AS EVERYTHING UNFOLDS: Neue Single "Blossom"

Pearl Cook

Die Briten AS EVERYTHING UNFOLDS veröffentlichen mit "Blossom" die zweite Single aus ihrem neuen Album. Der Fünfer aus Buckinghamshire wollen damit Appetit machen auf 2023 - dann kommt das nächste Album über Long Branch Records.

Sängerin Charlie Rolfe über die Single "Blossom":
"Don’t ever forget where you came from, don’t forget we’re still progressing and don’t forget there is still so much growth yet to do. This song is about the fear I had around losing what I had. I knew what I had and how much I wanted to pursue it, and how much we as a group had achieved in the last year, I couldn’t let it go to waste. Things in blossom should be allowed to grow, and I won’t stop it."