HONG FAUX - Neues Video zu "Trains" basiert auf KI

Hong Faux

HONG FAUX haben ein neues Video zum Song "Trains" gepostet, welches von einer künstlichen Intelligenz produziert wurde.

Das Video wurde mit der künstlichen Intelligenz Dall-E erstellt. Sänger Nik Seren erklärt:

"Dall-E is a machine learning system that generates pictures from "prompts", or natural text. You type in a string of words and it generates an image based on its interpretation of "everything out there". So I typed in the lyrics phrase by phrase and let it generate the images, with some tweaks. I told it to do all the images in the style of "digital art" to keep consistency. But it can manage Monet or watercolor too. The AI still interprets stuff a bit too literal or a bit too suggestive so one has to tweak the words a bit. The result is quite astonishing. Really suggestive and some of the images I couldn't use since they were just too creepy... And I mean creepy... Anyway - it was a fun way to do a lyric video on a low budget. And the images are...well.. ours now... one of a kind. Can never be recreated."