SKINDRED: Video zur neuen Single "Set Fazers"

Dean Chalkey

SKINDRED haben eine weitere Single von ihrem kommenden Album "Smile" veröffentlicht: Der Song heißt "Set Fazers" udn kommt mit buntem Video daher.

Leadsänger Benji Webbe erklärt: “Star date 22.3.23: With this song we’re going boldly going where no ragga-metal has gone before. We come in peace, L.O.V.E and unity, to bring Skindred’s outergalactic sound-system to the infinite expanse of the cosmos.”

Skindred-Schlagzeuger Arya Goggin erklärt das Video: “The idea with the ‘Set Fazers’ video was to make a Sci Fi meets Dancehall epic! Through TikTok we met an amazing dancer called Shin (whose dance to our song ‘Nobody’ went viral earlier this year) and he’s added his unique style to the video too. We had so much fun filming it and can’t wait to share it with everyone.”

"Smile", das achte SKINDRED-Album, erscheint am 4. August.