NIGHT DEMON veröffentlichen Video zu "Beyond The Grave"

Die Heavy-Metal-Institution NIGHT DEMON aus Ventura, Kalifornien, hat kürzlich ihr drittes Album "Outsider" über Century Media Records herausgebracht.

Einen weiteren Eindruck bietet das neue Video zum Album-Track "Beyond The Grave" (Regie: Ben Liepelt und Jarvis Leatherby), das hier zu sehen ist:

Bassist und Sänger Jarvis Leatherby sagt:

"Beyond the Grav"' marks a pivotal moment in the 'OUTSIDER' album. This concept record follows a storyline, and here our main character finds himself in a dire situation, having to confront the darkest aspects of his own psyche. It's an ode to waging war and making peace with our own alter egos. The music video builds on these themes. We explore the darker aspects of ourselves, expressed on screen through magickal ritual and dark mirror gazing. We're immensely proud of this next single and video, and we hope it strikes a chord with our fans.