Neue Single von ATENA

Photo Credit: Anine Desire


Das Metalcore Quartett ATENA hat heute seine neue Single "Poison Pure" mit passendem Visualizer veröffentlicht.

Das neue Album der Norweger mit dem Titel "Subway Anthem" wird am 29.09. via Indie Recordings erscheinen.

Die Band über "Poison Pure":

The essence of the song revolves around toxic attachments to people, objects, drugs, or any other form of addiction. As members of the band, we are all too familiar with the experience of being hooked on something, and it's a complex feeling to look forward to indulging in that thing at the end of the day - knowing that it's not good for us, but brings temporary pleasure nonetheless. The song explores this bittersweet sensation of craving something that's ultimately detrimental to our well-being.