DÅÅTH covern "Where The Slime Live"

Die US-Prog-Metaller DÅÅTH haben einen Death-Metal-Klassiker gecovert: "Where The Slime Live" von MORBID ANGEL. Derzeit arbeitet die Band im Studio an neuen Songs.

Gitarrist Eyal Levi: "It's funny to say this because 'Where The Slime Live' is a total classic, but I've been feeling like people have not been giving Trey and co their due for the massive impact they've had on the evolution of metal. Not that our version of this song is going to change the world, but if any Morbid Angel song deserves the modern treatment, it's this one. Everything about it more than holds up and showcasing it in this fashion really illuminates how ahead of their time they were. I hope you enjoy listening to it as much as we enjoyed learning and interpreting this BANGER of a song!"

Dave Davidson von REVOCATION hat zur neuen Single die Sologitarre beigesteuert. Er sagt: "'Where The Slime Live' is one of my favorite Morbid tunes so I was stoked to be asked to lay down a solo for this killer cover. Trey has a very unique style so it was a cool challenge to tap into his vibe and let the lava flow so to speak. Hope y'all dig it!"

DÅÅTH - "Where the Slime Live"
Eyal Levi - Guitar
Sean Z - Vocals
Krimh - Drums
Jesse Zuretti - Guitar
Dave Marvuglio - Bass
Dave Davidson - Guest Guitar Solo