SKELETAL REMAINS mit neuem Song "Void Of Despair"

Die Death-Metal-Band SKELETAL REMAINS hat ihren neuen Song "Void Of Despair" samt Video veröffentlicht. Das Stück ist ein Vorgeschmack auf das neue Album "Fragments of the Ageless", das am 8. März 2024 erscheint.

Die Band kommentiert: “We are very proud to present our first single entitled ‘Void of Despair’!  Inspired by the true horrors of the many men lost at sea, who after depleting all of their resources and food, turned to cannibalism for survival. We gave the old stories our own twist by having the crew set on a ship lost in the eternal void of deep space. The aggression and spastic riffs swirling throughout the song perfectly express the feeling to an endless losing battle of sanity and starvation, thus succumbing to their demise. We hope you enjoy!“