WHITECHAPEL: Live-Version von "Lost Boy" ist online - Livealbum kommt im Januar

WHITECHAPEL kündigen für den 26. Januar ihr Live-Album "Live In The Valley" an. Vorab gibt es jetzt eine Liveversion des Songs "Lost Boy" zu sehen.

Gitarrist Alex Wade sagt zu dem Album: "We decided to record the audio from our 7th annual hometown Christmas benefit show in 2022 where we played a mixed set from our albums 'The Valley' and 'Kin'. We thought this would be a good way to close the chapter on these albums before we start recording our 9th album. The audio was recorded, engineered, mixed and mastered by our very own Zach Householder and we are excited about the way that it turned out. Along with the audio we shot 2 live videos to accompany the live album release."