SLAYER: Live-Reunion der Bay-Area-Thrasher mit Gigs im September 2024

Holy shit: "It gets you when you least expect it"! Die Bay-Area-Thrasher von SLAYER geben fünf Jahre nach ihrem finalen Gig auf der "Repentless"-Tour doch tatsächlich ihr Live-Comeback im September 2024 bekannt!

Bisher stehen nur zwei Shows fest, beide bei großen Festivals in den USA:

Sep. 22 - Riot Fest - Chicago, IL
Sep. 27 - Louder Than Life - Louisville, KY

Das Line-up bleibt unverändert. So bestehen SLAYER auch 2024 aus Tom Arays (vocals, bass), Kerry King (guitars), Gary Holt (guitars) und Paul Bostaph (drums).

Sänger Tom Araya meint:

Nothing compares to the 90 minutes when we're on stage playing live, sharing that intense energy with our fans,and to be honest, we have missed that.

Gitarrist Kerry King, der im Mai sein erstes Soloalbum veröffentlichen wird, fügt hinzu:

Have I missed playing live? Absolutely. SLAYER means a lot to our fans; they mean a lot to us. It will be five years since we have seen them.

Auch Veranstalter Danny Wimmer freut sich:

We're thrilled to announce that SLAYER will be reuniting for an earth-shattering performance at Louder Than Life. I was at their last show at The Forum in 2019 and have been working since then to bring them back to the Louder stage! With over 140 bands on five stages, we're celebrating our 10th Louder Than Life with the biggest lineup yet!