DARKEST HOUR veröffentlichen neues Video & Album

Darkest Hour Credit: Mary Lou Larson

DARKEST HOUR veröffentlichen heute ihr zehntes Album "Perpetual | Terminal" und schieben mit "One With The Void" gleich ein neues Video hinterher.

"This song, as well as this album, showcases John's amazing talents like none other", kommentiert Gitarrist Mike Schleibaum. Und Sänger John Henry ergänzt:

This is probably my favorite song of the new album. The music spoke to me from the early stages of the writing process and I knew this would be a special one. All the space created by the band really inspired me to get creative with the vocal melodies and try new approaches. It's always a risky feeling trying new ideas and expanding on the established sound of the band, but also the most rewarding part of the process for me.

Darkest Hour werden nächste Woche auch auf Headline-Tour in US gehen, mit Mouth of War, Filth Is Eternal, IAM und Somnuri. Die Tour beginnt am 29. Februar in Richmond, VA, und läuft bis zum 6. April in ihrer Heimatstadt D.C.