Album Update von Sänger Cove Reber von SAOSIN

Nach langem Warten hat SAOSIN Sänger Cove Reber nun endlich in einem Statement bekanntgegeben, dass der Nachfolger zum 2006er self-titled Album der Band aus Kalifornien nun endlich fertig ist. Außerdem entschuldigt sich der Sänger für die lange Wartezeit und dankt seinen Fans für deren Geduld, die sich laut seiner Sicht absolut gelohnt hat, denn die komplette Band ist sehr stolz auf das neue Werk. Über ihren Twitter Account wird es in nächster Zeit regelmäßige Updates von der Band - unter anderem über die jeweiligen Auftrittszeiten bei der Warped Tour - geben. Hier nochmal das Originalstatement von Cove:

"I hope you all are well. I am very happy to announce our record is mixed and 100% complete. I can not begin to thank you all enough for sticking with us and patiently waiting. We have really been working hard over this past year to make this record nothing short of what we consider amazing. With Warped Tour around the corner I have been thinking a lot about how we can reach out to you guys and keep you as informed as we are with our daily set times and signings. I remember when I was going to Warped Tour as a fan and I always hated that I could never know the set times of my favorite bands. Well... I think we have found the solution. With the wonderful advance in technology we have been given the perfect tool to help keep you all informed. TWITTER! Every morning we will be posting our set times on our Twitter. We should know every morning before 10:30 am so if you want to be informed on what our set time is in your city come on over and follow us on Twitter. I'm gonna be doing a lot more with our Twitter as soon as we hit the road and I think we have some fun ideas and a couple tricks up our sleeve. So stay tuned, sign up and follow our band. I can't wait to start touring and hanging out with you all again. Cove"