LAZULI wurde halbiert

Die französische Prog-Formation LAZULI verliert ausgerechnet zum Erscheinen ihrer neuen Live-DVD "6 Frenchmen in Amsterdam" drei ihrer bisher sechs Mitglieder.

Das Statement:

Dear friends,

Sorry it's not easy for me to explain it in English! I try:
After sharing so many beautiful things ... the group is "shared."
Despite the necessity and predictability of this break, I will confess that we are totally helpless in front of our own making.
I thought this story with these 6 men, was unchanging and unending. It was not naive to think it, some things are indestructible! I still it believe, despite the regular disappointment of life. There are things indestructible but apparently not this Lazuli with these 6 men.

The paradox is the release of a new DVD these days, recorded in Amsterdam in 2008. This recording seal definitively this piece of life. No nostalgia, just trying to keep a beautiful memory. 12 years with incredible things, thanks to you.

But there is no question of putting an end to this happiness and to this fortune that we can of share our music and our words. It's time and viscerally vital, to think to the future.
Fred, Sylvain and Yohan seems to hit the road together for a new project ...
Ged, Claude and me, we continue the Lazuli's adventure ... More than ever, we begin the work for to be back very soon.

At the same time, there are much more serious things on earth. This banal tear, we has plunged into the abyss but must be taken for what it is now: a rebirth.
We already receive messages, showing us your "faith" in us, it does us good.
Here come our "réponse incongrue à l'inéluctable": LAZULI back on the road anyway.

Hope see you soon...
Kindest regards
Domi, Ged and Claude...

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