Stil (Spielzeit): Gothic / Dark Rock (55:00)
Label/Vertrieb (VÖ): Silverdust Records / Soulfood Music (26.06.09)
Bewertung: 8 / 10

Stil (Spielzeit): Pagan / Black Metal (und mehr) (ca. 49 min.)
Label/Vertrieb (VÖ): Zeitgeister Music (23.06.09)
Bewertung: 9 / 10

Stil (Spielzeit): Old-School Thrash (57:44)
Label/Vertrieb (VÖ): MDD Records (29.05.09)
Bewertung: 7 / 10

Stil (Spielzeit): Black / Death Metal (35:44)
Label/Vertrieb (VÖ): Agonia Records / Twilight (29.05.09)
Bewertung: 6,5 / 10

Stil (Spielzeit): (Black/) Death Metal (41:32)
Label/Vertrieb (VÖ): Agonia Records / Twilight (29.05.09)
Bewertung: 5,5 / 10

Stil (Spielzeit): Doom Metal (18:17)
Label/Vertrieb (VÖ): Ván Rec. / Soulfood (08.05.09)
Bewertung: 10 / 10

Stil (Spielzeit): Pagan Metal / Folk Black Metal (1:04:17)
Label/Vertrieb (VÖ): Naga Prod. / Code 7 / Plastic Head (06.04.09)
Bewertung: 9,5 / 10

Stil (Spielzeit): Death Doom (56:06)
Label/Vertrieb (VÖ): My Kingdom Music (06.04.09)
Bewertung: 7,5 / 10

Stil (Spielzeit): Blackened Metal (46:53)
Label/Vertrieb (VÖ): Cyclone Empire (15.05.09)
Bewertung: 7,5 / 10

Stil (Spielzeit): Gothic-Metal / Symph. Power Metal (43:20)
Label/Vertrieb (VÖ): Napalm Rec. (29.05.09)
Bewertung: 7 / 10

Stil (Spielzeit): Prog-Metal / Avantgarde (1:04:17)
Label/Vertrieb (VÖ): Peaceville Rec. / SPV (22.05.09)
Bewertung: 9,5 / 10

Berlin, Berlin... wir sparen für Berlin?

Erst kriegen  die Berliner ne tolle Luftbrücke spendiert, dann ne knorke Mauer mit viel Platz für Grafitti und nu wird auch noch die Abschieds-DVD von Ministry am 24. Mai im Dot Club feierlich released. Verdient hamse det nich aber Jenaueres lese man bitte hier, wa?:



Al Jourgensen and Ministry overcame punctured lungs, seagull attack, broken-down buses and fractured bones to keep their final world tour - "C U LaTouR 2008" - on the road last year, and now they want you to be part of the release party for the double-DVD-set that captured it all, Adios...Puta Madres.

On Sunday, May 24, Adios...Puta Madres will be premiered at the Dot Club in Berlin, Germany, presented by Jourgensen's own 13th Planet Records and Roax Films. Hosting the soiree will be Hector Saenz, who not only directed and edited the Adios...Puta Madres documentary, but will also perform a live VJ set from original tour material.

In addition to the premiere of the documentary, DJs will spin old school industrial/goth metal throughout the night. And if that isn't enough, DVDs and Limited Edition T-shirts will be available as well.

The evening's festivities will kick off at 8 o'clock (20:00), so make sure you get there early to secure your spot.

The double DVD disc Adios...Puta Madres is distinguished by secondary titles: the Adios...Puta Madres/En Vivo? disc contains 15 live performance tracks, and Adios...Puta Madres/Fuchi Requiem is a 45-minute on-the-road "rockumentary" that follows the band from rehearsals all the way to their final shows in Europe. Backstage bits, interviews, and live footage abound, while the DVD contains some extra tracks not on the live CD.

Adios...Puta Madres is an audio/video treat for fans, as nothing but state-of-the-art equipment was utilized during its recording. Ministry traveled with two high-end Digidesign mixing desks - one for on-stage monitors and one for front of house. For the front of house rig, a 56-channel ProTools rig was added, so the entire show could be recorded in 56 channels and put into hard drives. That way, Al could mix it in the studio after the tour, which is precisely what he did... after all the smoke and tinnitus had cleared.

While MINISTRY's studio albums certainly show why the group is considered a stylistic trailblazer, it is on the concert stage that Ministry takes things to a whole other level. And as evidenced by fans that packed venues to catch the group one final time on their worldwide "C U LaTouR 2008," the Al Jourgensen-led band was slaying crowds up 'til the final note.

So, how does Jourgensen compare Adios...Puta Madres to previous Ministry live discs? "I lived it and mixed it. After that - it's up to you guys to decide that." Be at the Dot Club on May 24 to weigh in.


20:00 - "Fuchi Requiem: Ministry Final World Tour" Documentary World Premier
21:00 - "En Vivo?" Premier w/ Live VJ Set by Director/Editor, Hector O. Saenz
22:00 - DJ Fredo & DJ Dre Spinning Old School Industrial/Goth/Metal

DVDs and Limited Edition T-Shirts available.


Dot Club
Falckensteinstr. 47
10997 Berlin
Telefon: +49.30.7676.6267
E-mail: info@liveatdot.com >


Stil (Spielzeit): (80er Bay Area) Thrash
Label/Vertrieb (VÖ): Century Media (25.05.09)
Bewertung: 8,5 / 10

Stil (Spielzeit): (Post-?) Black Metal / Black Doom Metal? (44:53)
Label/Vertrieb (VÖ): Candlelight (25.05.09)
Bewertung: 8,5 / 10

Stil (Spielzeit): (Symphonic) Power Metal (49:49)
Label/Vertrieb (VÖ): Napalm Rec. (30. Apr. 09)
Bewertung: 6,5 / 10

Stil (Spielzeit): Power Metal (1:04:59)
Label/Vertrieb (VÖ): Napalm Rec. (30. Apr. 09)
Bewertung: 2 / 10

Stil (Spielzeit): Dark Metal (37:42)
Label/Vertrieb (VÖ): Zeitgeister (2009)
Bewertung: 9 / 10

Stil (Spielzeit): female fronted Power Metal unter Trip-Hop-Einfluß (46:58)
Label/Vertrieb (VÖ): Locomotive Rec. (April 09)
Bewertung: 4,5 / 10

Stil (Spielzeit): Dark Wave (45:28)
Label/Vertrieb (VÖ): Candlelight (08. Mai 09)
Bewertung: 7 / 10

Stil (Spielzeit): Heavy Rock / Doom (53:31)
Label/Vertrieb (VÖ): (24. April 09)
Bewertung: 7,5 / 10

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