IMPERIUM DEKADENZ veröffentlichen neue Single "Forests In Gale"

Photo Credit: Benedikt Walter

Die Atmospheric Black Metaller von IMPERIUM DEKADENZ haben mit "Forests In Gale" einen neuen Song samit Lyric Video veröffentlicht.

Hört euch die Nummer aus dem kommenden Album "Into Sorrow Evermore", das diesen Freitag via Napalm Records erscheinen wird, hier an:

IMPERIUM DEKADENZ sagen zu "Forests In Gale":

We’re proud to present this mighty glimpse of our world filled with darkness and shadows. ‘Forests in Gale’ is the last raging stand before we finally share our new album Into Sorrow Evermore, unleashing the fury of beauty and the demons of the past – may the storm begin!

Über das kommende Studiowerk heißt es:

In the dark and cold season, in a world that threatens to sink into its rising shadows, our new album ‘Into Sorrow Evermore’ rises from the fog of uncertainty. Melancholic, powerful, poignant, a reflection of the isolation and upheaval of recent years, but also a shadowy dream of what may come. Once again, we are happy to share our world and fill hearts. Into the darkness we strive, guided by our dreams, driven by the relentless time!

"Into Sorrow Evermore" Trackliste:

Into Sorrow Evermore
Truth Under Stars
Elysian Fields
Forests in Gale
Awakened Beyond Dreams
November Monument
Memories ... a Raging River