ARTILLERY veröffentlichen Livealbum "Raw Live (At Copenhell)"

Photo Credit: John-Son

ARTILLERY haben mit “Raw Live (At Copenhell)” ein neues Livealbum angekündigt, das im Februar 2024 erscheinen wird. 

Aufgenommen wurde der Gig beim Copenhell Festival 2022. Das Album zollt dem bei einem Autounfall verstorbenen Drummer Josua Madsen Tribut.

Gitarrist und Bandgründer Michael Stützer erklärt:

The year was 2022, we got the offer to play at one of the world’s absolutely coolest metal festivals: Copenhell. Everything had been destroyed by COVID-19 in the years before. So, 2022 was the year we got busy.

Big festivals contacted us, German TV and so on. Rockhard, Sweden Rock, Brutal Assault and Copenhell.

Copenhell was big for us. To share the stage with bands like KISS, Metallica, Iron Maiden, Mercyful Fate, Judas Priest, it hardly gets bigger. We sat down and decided to get the concert recorded, it had to be as raw as possible, authentic as hell and the hope was to be able to use the tracks as bonuses for future releases. Maybe as a live release. When we received the recording, we thought that the recording should be released as a concert, not as bonus tracks. Søren Andersen, our permanent producer, was put on the case. Sound levels had to be fixed a bit, but that was it. Søren said at one point, “Damn, Josh is ON FIRE!”. And he was!

Denmark’s biggest music magazine Gaffa gave the concert 5/6 stars and the headline was “The man is busy”. Josh played better than ever. Josua was killed in a car accident in 2023. Now the album is released, a little late, yes, but it’s a recording, which is as it should be when talking about Artillery. Raw, unpolished, straight in your face. Hence the name of the live record: “Raw Live (At Copenhell)”.

Artillery has been around for more than 40 years. The final chapter has not been written yet; just wait, there is more to Artillery. For example, a Metalized tour with friends from Manticora and new singer Martin Steene, known from Iron Fire and Force of Evil, as well as a larger USA tour. The album is a tribute to Josh, as well as a clenched fist in the air to our fans. Thanks Satan. Thanks to Mighty Music.

ARTILLERY Line-up bei der Aufnahme:

Michael Bastholm Dahl - vocals
Michael Stützer - guitars
Peter Thorslund - bass
Kraen Meier - guitars
Josua Madsen - drums

"Raw Live (At Copenhell)" Trackliste:

1. The Devils Symphony
2. By Inheritance
3. Turn Up The Rage
4. The Face Of Fear
5. Bombfood
6. The Challenge
7. In Thrash We Trust
8. 10.000 Devils
9. Legions
10. Khomaniac
11. Terror Squad