CRYPTA kündigen neues Album an und veröffentlichen mit "Lord Of Ruins" eine neue Single

Knüppeln wieder drauf los: CRYPTA Photo Credit: Estevam Romera

Die Death-Metal-Truppe CRYPTA verkündet mit "Shades Of Sorrow" ein brandneues Albzu, das am 04.08.2023 erscheinen soll.

Mit "Lord Of Ruins" gibt es auch schon eine erste Single samt Video:

Luana Dametto kommentiert:

’Lord of Ruins’ was our pick for a first single ‘cause it combines both melodic and aggressive melodies that are present throughout the whole album. So we thought it's a good representation of what to expect of the whole piece. It's also the final song of the record and it has a very impactful meaning. It’s the closure of the whole album concept and it also fits perfectly to the artwork concept we had in mind.

crypta shades of sorrow

"Shades Of Sorrow" Trackliste:

1 The Aftermath
2 Dark Clouds
3 Poisonous Apathy
4 The Outsider
5 Stronghold
6 The Other Side of Anger
7 The Limbo
8 Trial of Traitors
9 Lullaby for the Forsaken
10 Agents of Chaos
11 Lift the Blindfold
12 Lord of Ruins
13 The Closure