Neuer Track von BLOOD RED THRONE: "Seeking To Pierce"

Die norwegischen Death Metaller BLOOD RED THRONE haben einen neuen Song veröffentlicht. "Seeking To Pierce" ist ein weiterer Vorgeschmack auf das neue Album "Nonagon".

"Nonagon" kommt am 26. Januar - es ist das elfte Album von BLOOD RED THRONE und markiert das 26. Jahr seit Gründung der Band.

Bandgründer und Gitarrist Daniel "Død" Olaisen dazu: "Blood Red Throne has always been a combination of groove and brutality. While keeping true to the BRT sound and feel, 'Nonagon' feels fresh and new. The lyrics for the album are loosely based on the nine concentric circles of torment described in 'Inferno' by Dante. The album has nine songs and it would be fitting to conceptualize around that. That being said, every lyric is up for interpretation and I encourage people to find their own meaning and themes based on it."