INSOMNIUM: neue Single und neues Video

Photo Credit: Century Media / Insomnium

Die finnischen Melodic-Death-Metaller INSOMNIUM haben heute ihre neue Single "The Antagonist" mit passendem Video veröffentlicht.

Die Single stammt von ihrer am 17. September erscheinenden neuen EP mit dem Titel "Argent Moon".

Sänger Niilo Sevänen über "The Antagonist":

When the Corona outbreak forced us to cancel all the tours and shows, we pretty soon adopted a mindset that we better do something and keep ourselves in motion. We wanted to try how the streaming shows might work. We wanted to see what kind of new music might grow in the darkness and misery of the quarantine. And soon these vibes were channeled into songs that came to be the “Argent Moon” EP.

We wanted to try something a bit different so all the four songs on this release represent the softer side of Insomnium. The ballads and the mellow tunes. Acoustic guitars and clean vocals. The sorrow and agony that creeps into your heart when the nights grow longer. But fear not, we haven't changed our style. Next album will be something different again. We used all the ballad ideas here so maybe it will be pure blast beats. We shall see.

The “The Antagonist” video is something new and fresh too, since we worked with director & mastermind Ville Lipiäinen for the first time ever. The result is a bit different kind of Insomnium montage."


Im November und Dezember werden INSOMNIUM wieder auf den Bühnen Europas unterwegs sein.


26.11.2021 Leipzig (Germany) - Hellraiser

27.11.2021 Salzburg (Austria) - Rockhouse

28.11.2021 Wien (Austria) - WUK

30.11.2021 Köln (Germany) - Essigfabrik

01.12.2021 Utrecht (Netherlands) - Tivoli

02.12.2021 Nijmegen (Netherlands) - Dornrosje

03.12.2021 Paris (France) - La Machine

04.12.2021 Grenoble (France) - Ilyade

05.12.2021 Straßbourg (France) - La Laiterie

06.12.2021 Nürnberg (Germany) - Hirsch

07.12.2021 Prag (Czech Republic) - Futurum

08.12.2021 Berlin (Germany) - Metropol

10.12.2021 Stockholm (Sweden) - Klubben

11.12.2021 Oslo (Norway) - Vulkan

12.12.2021 Gothenborg (Sweden) - Pustervik

13.12.2021 Copenhagen (Denmark) - Pumpehuset

14.12.2021 Hamburg (Germany) - Grünspan

15.12.2021 Aschaffenburg (Germany) - Colos-Saal

16.12.2021 Munich (Germany) - Backstage Werk

17.12.2021 Mannheim (Germany) - MS Connexion

18.12.2021 Pratteln (Switzerland) - Z7

19.12.2021 Stuttgart (Germany) - Wiezemann

20.12.2021 Bremen (Germany) - Tivoli