SPACE OF VARIATIONS mit neuem Album "Imago" und Single "Someone Else"

Bringen nach der EP "XXXXX " ein neues Album heraus: SPACE OF VARIATIONS Photo Credit: Max Lavrenchuk

Am 18.03.2022 veröffentlichen die Ukrainer SPACE OF VARIATIONS ihr brandneues Studioalbum "Imago", aus dem mit "Someone Else" vorab eine erste Single ausgekoppelt wird.

Viel Spaß mit dem dazugehörigen Clip:

Die Modern Metaller über die neue Single samt Video:

“The ‘SOMEONE ELSE’ video is a metaphor. It talks about individualism, talks about the originality of every one of us as human creations. Talks about how we all involved to social life. And how sometimes it feels like a pain. To play a role, and not being your real self is suffering. This video shows how a faceless crowd tries to destroy the individuality of a main character, tries to kill him, and tries to make him looks the same as they are.

In this song, the character goes through stages of acceptance, realizing the facets of all the beautiful and terrible he has inside. Paradoxically, an internal puzzle becomes complete only through disassembling oneself. Acceptance of reality, no matter how good or bad it is, is sobering. This is IMAGO.

Just keep your inner fire burning hot.”