THE OCEAN kündigen neues Album "Holocene" an

Foto: Pelagic Records

Die deutsche Metalformation THE OCEAN hat die Veröffentlichung ihres neuen Albums "Holocene" angekündigt.

Robin Staps kommentierte das abschließende Werk der paleontologischen Albumserie:

Holocene is an appendix to the 2 Phanerozoic albums and Precambrian, or the final and concluding chapter, making it a quadrilogy if you want so. It’s tackling the Holocene epoch, which is the current and shortest chapter in earth’s history, but it is essentially an album about the angst, alienation, loss of reason and critical thinking, rise of conspiracy theories and deconstruction of values in the modern age.

The Ocean Holocene

Das Album, welches am 19. Mai 2023 via Pelagic Records veröffentlicht wird, markiert auch THE OCEANs Eintauchen in einen elektronischeren Sound:

The writing process of every album we’ve ever made started with me coming up with a guitar riff, a drumbeat or a vocal idea. This album is different since every single song is based on a musical idea that was originally written by Peter (Voigtmann, synths). He came up with these amazing synth parts that were already sounding huge in pre-production, and he sent me some of those raw, unfinished ideas during mid lockdown 2020... and while it was all electronic, it had that definite Ocean vibe to it. It made me want to pick up my guitar instantly… and so I did, and it didn't take long until we had an inspiring creative exchange that was heading towards totally unforeseen but very exciting places.

Wie das klingt, hört ihr in der ersten Singleauskopplung "Preboreal":