Neue Single und neues Video von VOIVOD

Photo Credit: Voivod / Century Media

Die progressive Metaller VOIVOD haben gestern ihre neue digitale Single "Paranormalium" veröffentlicht.

Der Song stammt vom neuen Album der Kanadier mit dem Titel "Synchro Anarchy" welches am 11. Februar via Century Media erscheinen wird. Zusammen mit der Single erschien ebenfalls ein Lyrik-Video produziert von Cloud Music Typography.

Gitarrist Daniel "Chewy" Mongrain über Paranormalium:

“Paranormalium” opens with the very last guitar melody you hear on The Wake’s last song “Sonic Mycelium”, in the fade out of the string quartet. We wanted both entities or dimensions to connect through music as 2 parallel worlds can connect through distorted space-time, black holes, vibrations, spirituality or anything else.

“Paranormalium” is the name Denis “Snake” Bélanger came up with while writing the lyrics, trying to gather all of these concepts in one imaginary particle called “Paranormalium”. Depending on your individual perception or any influential inner or external event, makes oneself see or not see, be part of or not be part of, someone else’s reality OR even being stuck between many different dimensions as it is all connected in some ways through “Paranormalium”.

It’s one of the most complex, twisted and heavy songs on the album with many different landscapes. The melody comes back many times during the song in different forms, as reality can be consisted of the same material taking on different aspects. In the end, are we really living in the reality we think we’re in???”