"Throatsaw": Neue Single von AUTOPSY

Die Death-Metal-Urgesteine AUTOPSY legen ihre neue Single "Throatsaw" vor. Der Song ist ein Vorgeschmack auf das neue Album "Ashes, Organs, Blood & Crypts".

AUTOPSY-Chef Chris Reifert: “For this selection we have decided to cast aside musical acrobatics, high-brow labyrinthian showings off of scales, sweeps and noodlings, lush sonic passages and deep audio journeys rare and untold, egotistical trains of thought and neo-classical wizardry and well…just cut your fuckin’ throat wide open and giggle like cretins while the blood sprays in every direction. Doesn’t that sound like fun, kiddies?”

AUTOPSY - ‘Ashes, Organs, Blood and Crypts’ - Track listing:

01 - Rabid Funeral

02 - Throatsaw

03 - No Mortal Left Alive

04 - Well of Entrails

05 - Ashes, Organs, Blood and Crypts

06 - Bones To The Wolves

07 - Marrow Fiend

08 - Toxic Death Fuk

09 - Lobotomising Gods

10 - Death Is The Answer

11 - Coagulation