RAY ALDER: neue Single “Waiting For Some Sun” vom kommenden Soloalbum

Jorge Cueto

Fates-Warning-Sänger Ray Alder veröffentlilcht einen neuen Song von seinem kommenden zweiten Soloalbum "II".

Ray Alder sagt über “Waiting For Some Sun” folgendes:
I wanted a totally different style for a song on the new album. Something that set itself apart from the rest. Mike and I got to talking and I said I want a song where the chorus is in the beginning but builds and gets bigger every time it repeats. Also dark with a lot of attitude. This is the music he came up with. I personally love how the vocal melody has nothing to do with the guitars. A sort of chaos that makes sense. At least to me...”

RAY ALDER – “II” (51:20) Tracklist:
1. This Hollow Shell (06:02)
2. My Oblivion (04:36)
3. Hands Of Time (06:08)
4. Waiting For Some Sun (04:29)
5. Silence The Enemy (04:41)
6. Keep Wandering (05:51)
7. Those Words I Bled (05:51)
8. Passengers (05:51)
9. Changes (07:45)